Info Tidbits

A photo of me in 2009 Hello. I'm Anna-Leena, Sarppi or Sharp. You may know me as a Dink Smallwood gamer, a Mind-A-Stray fan, someone from, or, personally (unlikely, if you don't speak any Finnish). I was born in 1986 and I'm now living in Jyväskylä, Finland, studying Physics and Mathematics in the University of Jyväskylä. It's very cold all year round here (like the North Pole) and we've got lots of polar bears strutting around the town centre.

My site is not in English, because despite my English being charmingly fluent, I happen to live in Finland and my life is kind of full of things that are profoundly Finnish and often don't have well-defined expressions in any other language. As the rest of the site is somewhat insignificant in comparison to the weblog, and I don't have the patience to write endless chapters of explaining what kind of a holiday "laskiainen" is before being able to tell about what I did on it, I'm just skipping it. Sorry. Anything else you might care about is sure to be found on this particular page.

About Me

I'm the shy, nerdy type that enjoys large crowds for being able to disappear into them, doesn't want to try anything new in fear of making a fool of herself, and gets a kick out of feeling smarter than someone else. That was my personal view; to see what others think of me you may want to look at my good and bad traits (and hopefully contribute to those).


Even if you don't understand what the captions say, you can look at the photos and some of my doodlings. They can be found in Kuvia.


My Top 2 Links in English to recommend would be


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